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    Default BW broken

    Despite being a new install on a new SSD, my BW started crashing repeatedly. So I did a repair installation, and now it won't start at all.

    I get the message "BibleWorks needs to reinstall the BWcyrl font. This operation requires a reboot of your computer." And so forth. I reboot. Then it says it needs to reinstall a Greek font (BwGrki), and reboot. I reboot. Then (I think) it went back to the original popup.

    So I did another repair, and I'm back to the Bwcyrl popup. I did not even install the Russian version, if that matters.

    I need BW to work. Suggestions? I hope I don't have to uninstall and reinstall, again, already. Today I don't have the time -- but I need BW.

    Addendum: I tried "Recover executable" -- twice. Keep getting the same errors.

    Then virtually on a whim, I selected "Troubleshooting." BW started up. I'll just use it, gratefully, but the problem isn't fixed.

    PLUS now I'm getting "Unable to create font" on BWHebb fonts. Then it crashes again. Yikes; BW can't be broken!
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