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Thread: BW Display on Mac (OSX Sierra) is very small

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    Default BW Display on Mac (OSX Sierra) is very small

    Hello, have you any piece of advice to give me: I have installed my programs etc on my new MAcBook Pro. Every😒thing works, but when I click to open BW 10 for Mac, the display is mini small. I try to click systems and displays, and I choose the scaled version with bigger text, but every time I quit the problems remain. Can I save something, or is there any other way to get some bigger texts and display.

    I had the same Sierra version on my former mid 2010 MacBook Pro, (10.12.6 I believe), with no display problems. Now the initial display (Bw first display) is very very small, with micro text.

    Does anyone get my point?


    Henrik from Helsinki

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    Default From Henca to Henca..

    Hi everyone,

    I found a solution, don't know if it is orthodox solution. In "scaling options" in BW I changed the number 100 to 150, and it looks different. I you - anyone - can verify this or propose a better solution, come on!

    Be blessed, each and everyone!


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    Scaling is the solution to your issue. If you are using Mac Installer 10-64bit, do not change the font sizes because that will crash the program. It is a known bug that has not been fixed in several months.

    If you are using the 32 bit installer, then you can also play with the font size.

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