As many of you are probably aware, some "high tech" business giants such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., as well as credit card service providers, and others, have been censoring content on websites, or by not allowing web site's to reside on their servers. The nefarious George Soros, billionaire funds manager, has boasted that by 2020, essentially all political conservatives will have been silenced on the internet.

Rationally, we can project that eventually it won't just be "political" content that is censored. On, they have speculated that they could become a target of censorship. Possibly, Only God knows, since He is the one in control, but we don't know what He will or will not allow, as we move toward the eschatological tribulation.

Since BibleWorks is no longer a commercial entity doing business on the internet, it may be "under the radar", so to speak. But, if not, the potential exists that the validation server wouldn't be available. I know Mike Bushell has mentioned a distributed validation of some kind, that wouldn't require access to the validation server.

My question is: How would we be notified of the distributed validation? By email?

David Horowitz's Frontpagemagazine had it's revenue cut-off overnight by the credit card service it used, without warning. Fortunately for them, legal action was able to get them back in business.