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Thread: Multiple verses in browse window?

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    Default Multiple verses in browse window?

    At some point in the past, I could type "Heb 10:19-25" and that range of verses would show up in the browse window. I think (old brain, short memory) that was probably in Multi-version mode because is seem to remember that that range of verses would be visible in the versions too, but maybe not.

    I 'm pretty sure it didn't work in both modes.

    I either get the single version browse mode (full text of a single version) or a single verse in each of the versions (in multiple-Version Mode). And this is exactly what the help file shows.

    Anyhow, it doesn't work any more. Am I missing something? Is there a work around? Did it disappear?

    Setting the Browse Mode

    This button toggles the Browse Mode of the Browse Window. The text of Bible versions can be displayed in the Browse Window in two different modes:

    • In Single Version Browse Mode the full text of a single version is displayed. The Browse Window scroll bar functions to move you throughout the entire Bible. If you click and hold on the scroll bar center button and drag it up and down you will see the current book, chapter and verse displayed in the area just above the Browse Window. Thus even small movements of this slider will affect large jumps in the text, as can be observed by corresponding changes in the Browse Window outline. Clicking above or below the slider will affect smaller text jumps
    • In Multiple-Version Mode a single verse is displayed from each of the versions selected in the Display Versions Window. This is useful when you want to compare the text of a passage from several Bible versions at the same time. Normally the Browse Windows only displays one verse from each of the selected versions, but there is not always a one-to-one mapping between verses in different versions. One verse in a particular version may correspond to two or more verses in another version. So in some cases you may see more than one verse per version.

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    This definitely does work for me (BW, Windows 7)

    It works only only in Multiple-Version mode -- in Single-Version mode you get the multiple verses anyway.

    There is even an option to remember the range from the last Command Line entry:
    Main Menu
    Options ...
    Command Line Search Options
    Remember command line ranges.

    Quoting from BW10 Help Section 66 Setup Options:
    "If this option is enabled, when you enter a range on the Command Line, the range will be remembered when the Browse Window is refreshed. The range is remembered only for the last verse entered on the Command Line. This allows you to scroll backwards and forwards and return to the original verse and have the original range of verses restored. It also retains the Browse Window verse range in multiple-version mode when the window is repainted by BibleWorks (for example, when you highlight and color a portion of text). This option is necessary for some people because by design the Browse Window was not intended originally to display multiple verses in multiple version mode."


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    Bless you Jim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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