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Thread: Installation of BW 8 into a new computer!

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    Default Installation of BW 8 into a new computer!

    So, can I install BW 8 onto my new laptop?

    I'm moving through the installation wizard using the installation CD. When I get to the point of submitting my activation code, it's telling me that the code is invalid. Thus, the installation stalls. I would appreciate any help anyone can provide. Even though my BW is the lowly "8" it was still VERY expensive when purchased, and I'm going to be pretty disappointed if my $300+ dollars was spent just so I could install the program one time!


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    Do you still have the old BW installation?

    Are both installations on a PC?

    If so, what version of Windows are you running?

    When you entered the activation code, did you use the clipboard and copy and paste, or did you enter it another way?

    If the old installation is running, you could try this to retrieve the activation code from the old computer. At least then you would have a code that was working once.

    Left click on "File" which is found as in the upper left corner of BibleWorks below the BibleWorks icon. A drop down menu will appear.
    Again left click, this time on "Activate Database."
    If a message window opens about Activation codes for legacy databases, click "OK" to close it.
    On the "Activation Manager" window, click on the "Options" near the lower right corner of the window.
    A drop down menu will open. Click on "Save activation codes..."
    A "Save As" window will appear. You may save the codes to the desktop or any other place you will remember.
    When I save them I also click on the pointer on the right end of the "Save as type:" box and change the type to "Text."
    That way you can simply double click on the file name in File Explorer or on the icon on the desktop when you want to open the file and select the codes and copy them when you install BibleWorks on a different computer.
    You can select all of the codes and copy them all at one time during installation when they are asked for (at least with BW10). Normally BibleWorks will then automatically load them into the program installation window.

    As I recall the activation code looked like BW08-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Where the X's are either numbers or letters. My activation code for BW10 looks like BW10-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Do not post the actual code on the forum.

    If you cannot get the code that way, it could be retrieved from the hard drive of the old computer if you still have that.

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