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    Default Christian Ginsburg - Masoretic texts in PDF!

    Hamilton, 19 Feb 2005

    Hello, all!

    For those BW users involved with the Hebrew scriptures and matters masoretic, you'll be cheered to know, if you didn't previously, that important parts of Christian D. Ginsburg's work are available online - free and in PDF format. The scanned quality isn't always the best, but these are undeniably convenient for reference. Also, this list is hardly taxative. Perusing these sites shows how much there is to look for.

    - The Massorah, compiled from the Manuscripts alphabetically, and lexically arranged , in 6 volumes : (reprinted by Ktav in 1966 in 4 volumes)

    - Introduction to the Ginsburg Edition of the Hebrew Old Testament (I think this is the original edition of Introduction to the Massore4tico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible reprinted by Ktav in 1966.)

    Ginsburg's edition of the Chayim-Bomberg (Rabbinic) Bible: (Masoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible? This one is printed in London in 1908. The original, if it is the same work, was printed in Vienna in 1894)

    This is a quick list, so any major additions or corrections, especially regarding versions and editions, are most welcome.

    This material will seem dated to some, but these volumes are constantly referred to even today. For example, see the commentaries on the Masorah in the new Biblia Hebraica Quinta. I would have been delighted to have information like this a few years back, so I hope this helps.

    Dan Pater
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