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Thread: Matthew 2:19 and 20 the same Notes file

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    Thanks all! Both glad and not-glad that it isn't just me.

    When I checked back through version history in Google Drive, though, there does seem to be an older file with different text forr v. 19 than v. 20. If I saw that right, then at some point it changed.

    But that's when I just deleted files and tried to create new -- only to find they were the same file.

    So you all are saying there's no real fix, just make entries for different verses on the same file? That's what I've already started to do. But it's a bummer, as I tend to have really large notes when I'm preaching through a book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    So you all are saying there's no real fix, just make entries for different verses on the same file?
    I am considering this:
    If I have a really large note and if I am working on a verse like Mat 2:20, I will use the editor window, create the verse note, and save is as ...\Notes\Mat\2_20.bww.
    I would prefix my Mat 2:19 note with @20 to alert me that there is a note there. That way I could know up front rather than having to scroll down.
    I would need to switch to the NRS to view it, but then at least (since it was a long note) I could view it separately.

    Or it might be simpler to create the note for 20 in the editor. Switch to the NRS and copy and paste the note from the editor into the 20 note and then switch back. The note would not be visible in some other search versions but 19 would be. I would see the @20 at the top of the 19 note and know that I could view it by switching my search version.

    Often with these kinds of things, I experiment until I find a solution or solutions that work.
    I appreciate the input from the forum that exposes ideas and viewpoints that I didn't think of myself.
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