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Thread: A reoccurance of an old problem: How to solve the ordered not Word boxes problem?

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    Default A reccurence of an old problem: How to solve the ordered not Word boxes problem?

    Dear remaining friends of BW,

    I friend and I created a search query where we wanted to list all instances of modifiying words (mainly phasal verbs - see my word list in the word box - you can have it - or add further ones) in conection with a participle (in the nominative case as it should not modify objects as GcPs, DcPs or AcPs) but the subject. This should go according to the following pattern "begin/stop/maintain etc. doing something". My query file has two parts, connected with an OR-Box in the middle. Left is the phrase "Eu or kalws + poiew" which as modyfiing phrase takes pariciples (surly a better solution is possible) with the participle and on the right side a box with the modifiing phasal words (if you know more - you may be so friendly to add them) with a participle in the nominative (and the Pariciple and the phasal verb agree in number to reduce false hits).

    So far so good. Now we wanted to optimize your query and rule out hits as διέλιπεν ὁ τρέχων (Jer 8.6 - an article before the participle) to get a improved search file - now, and that problem follows me as long as I can remember - I cant teach the ASE to rule out definite articles before the participle as I don`t want to have participles used as nouns. Whatever we did in the right section of the query (e.g. use a box with definite articles - negate this box within 2-3 words before the participle) and now the problem comes - I cant get away such hits as Jer 8.6 - I had this problem in former queries as well. It seems that in ordered structures one cannot have not-boxes. If that is the case - ok. than it is as it is, if I am wrong - I would beg you for help - maybe someone is still there from former BW days. Any other improvements are welcome!
    Yours in Christ! Peter P.S. Attached the query file.
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    Lord willing, I hope there are many who remain friends of BW.

    What you wanted to do is to eliminate such hits as Jer 8.6

    Since that change is only needed on the right side I made a separate query containing the right side alone.

    mv right 5 or less.qf

    This query contains all of the files in the above query except hits like Jer 8.6

    Attachment 1739
    The above is replaced by new.qf.

    The corrected query (new.qf) found in post#3 omits these verses that are all like Jer 8.6 as far as I can see.

    BGM 1Es 3:17
    BGM 1Es 4:1
    BGM Pss 6:6
    BGM Isa 14:4
    BGM Isa 22:22
    BGM Isa 42:14
    BGM Jer 8:6
    BGM Lam 1:2
    BGM Dan 3:46
    BGM Dat 3:46
    BGM Luk 7:49

    If this isn't what you need, let me know. I am willing to try again.

    I posted this a short time ago and realized that I had uploaded a wrong file so I deleted that post. I see that there still is a problem with the second file attached and am correcting that now I hope. Hopefully this works.
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    This attachment replaces attachment 1739 in the previous post.


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    Dear John, great ! Thank you. Don't know what I did wrong, but at least your solution works. I attached and modified my former Query file and think that it runs now as wanted. Yes, I will stick with BW as I don't expect that something better will appear, at least not in near future. Yours Peter
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