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    If you are reading this and you do not have your BW activation codes backed up, please do it now.

    Have one copy that is separate from the computer that it is installed on.

    Have another copy of the codes that is at a different location - a safety deposit box, at work, at a friend's house.

    There were warnings issued before BW closed that it was essential to have activation codes backed up.

    If you have not backed them up, you can open BibleWorks.

    Select File | Activate Database

    In the Activation Manager Window that opens click on Options (near the bottom)

    A "Save As" window opens and the BW10Serials.txt file can be saved. Make a copy of the file on a flash drive. Print another copy and store it in a different location.

    Do not store the file in the cloud unless it is securely encripted. If the cloud drive was compromised and the codes were in plain text, they could be pirated which could result in the code being invalidated and you would no longer be able to use it to activate a new installation of BW.
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