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    Hello! I have a rather interesting situation. I am tech support worker at a seminary and we have a new student who was using Bibleworks 9 before their computer died. They were using a PC and now they have a Mac without the original installation media CD/USB. However, they have the entire program with all of their saved data on an external hard drive. I used a program called Virtual Box to create a Windows 10 runtime environment where the program could be installed and used and it works until the point of activation. Either the Bibleworks 9 server is not responding to the ping of the program from my end, or my Virtual Box program is not allowing the ping to happen to your server. It is asking for a manual Activation and if I have all the data for it. Who can I contact or what should I do?

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    From that post:

    The current ISO requires an internet connection for activation. There is no manual option. The activation server is still running and there are no plans to shut it down. It uses very little bandwidth. If the day does ever come that it is shut down, we will provide a way for users to reinstall. In any case the distributed activation codes will always be required for a successful installation and we will still lock out any hacked or pirated codes that we find. Were still bound legally and morally to protect the copyrighted material of other copanies as best we can given the circumstances.

    Others have run BW in a virtual machine. Even if the program is complete on a hard drive, there is information entered into the Windows registry that would be missing. Perhaps if you obtained BW9 installation media and did a complete re-installation of the program, it could be successfully activated. That media could be used to install BW without need of a virtual machine, or in a virtual machine if that would be prefered. Such media (since BibleWorks has closed) could only be obtained from another user who would be willing to make a copy and send it. See details regarding installation in the kb article below. would be a place to begin.
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