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Thread: Torrent for BibleWorks10rev6.iso if anyone wants to try it out to get the 22 GB file.

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    Default Torrent for BibleWorks10rev6.iso if anyone wants to try it out to get the 22 GB file.

    Get a Torrent Client of some kind and download the torrent file or use the magnet link to add it into the Torrent program.
    It may be easiest to just download the Torrent from my page after installing a Torrent client and it should automatically fix the file into the Torrent program if you double click the file.
    I'm using but I am on linux, but there seems to be a windows version out as well but I have not tried it. It's very lightweight and to the point.

    After installing a Torrent Client download and double click this one or open it:

    This is a magnet link and can be used to copy paste it into the program and it should find it as well, but the above method is most likely the most fool proof method.
    magnet:?xt=urn:btih:f5a0a14e43463611f7767e910d812f a9b5a7286d&dn=BibleWorks10rev6.iso

    It should work and start downloading from me - but I have not done this much but it worked last time I did it with a friend sharing a file.

    Il let the computer sit for those having trouble getting the 22 GB file down at least for some time. Let me know if you try and if it works or not.

    In any case if possible, Bibleworks could try this possibility to save them self bandwidth and let others help on hosting there huge file - this could be one way of doing it.

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    Smile Seems to work

    There seem to have been one trying to download the file - as it says iv uploaded 900 mb so it seems to work - iv had some times where my laptop was turned off by mistake, sorry about that.
    The point of a Torrent is the more that has the file the better, and as you download it, it should already automatically help upload the file to others if any.

    Seems it is uploading now - very slowly compared to what I have of connection. But at least it don't break if the connection is gone - but is able to resume if lost without any issue. Nice to see it works at least There should be more then enough bandwidth to have more connections, I think I have 10/10mbit or 20/20mbit, not entirely sure as they just tend to upgrade as time goes...

    Maybe the guy downloading has a very bad connection I know it is not all over the world that a good connection is the norm as in the country I live in.

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    2 people now downloading and yet I should still have more juice to give of in regards of upload.

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    Still up and running, 73 GB uploaded so there should be someone out there having the complete package.

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