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    Question backup utility

    Dear Helpers,
    I work with BW10.0.8.651.
    Help file 75 Backup and Restore describes how to back up all important files. Unfortunately, I do not find the utility program as it is described. Is there another way to save all the current settings and load them into BW10 on another laptop?
    Every answer helps
    Sincerely Peter

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    This article from the BW knowledgebase is a place to start.

    Many of the settings are stored in bw1000.ini or in users\[user name]\init\[user name]lg.ini
    I have successfully transferred my favorites by copying from the older installation .ini file to the newer. Unless you are careful, you could spoil the newer .ini file and might need to delete it and start over.

    I have also successfully exported these two registry keys from the old computer and loaded them into the new.
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BibleWorks\BibleWorks 10\BeToolbar
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\BibleWorks\BibleWorks 10\MainToolbarEd
    That sets those two tools bars in the new install as they were in the old. Only do this if you are comfortable exporting and importing from the windows registry. Very serious consequences can come from improper changing of the registry, possibly requiring Windows to be reinstalled.

    I took screenshots when I first setup BW Options > flags, miscellaneous and fonts
    I copy the screenshots to the new computer and use them as a template to decide which boxes I check. That way I don't need to remember how I checked them last time.
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    Default backup utility

    Dear John,
    thanks of the answer; it helped!
    Sincerely Klaus-Peter

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