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Thread: Is BibleWorks portable?

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    Default Is BibleWorks portable?

    Anyone knows if Bibleworks is portable and able to carry it on an USB key or other portable device?

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    So that is pretty much a no - but there may be a way around it.

    I have a portable running Linux installation on an USB key SSD, so... If Bibleworks can be installed in Linux by Wine or something - that would might work!

    Took a very very very long time to crack the nut in regards of making a Portable Linux - it seems the boot do have some issues with some computer, I need further testing on this. I'm not sure why - but typical they want to do everything and anything to make things complicated for the user and let us waste a lot of time finding loop holes to get the things to do what we want.

    Very annoying and it has only gotten worse and getting worse. But then there is Linux - but it is not easy to just jump from one system to another - it takes time learning.
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