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    Default BW10 Installation image posted

    Hello, friends!

    We've posted an updated BW10 ISO file. I don't advise you download it at this point unless you have lost your installation media. The reason I advise delay is that a) there is no rush to get the file, and b) if people clobber the server (the file is 22GB) it will likely come down and then nobody will be happy, and c) the ISO file will likely be updated again. There is nothing significant that is new in this ISO file if you have kept up with the updates. Furthermore, updates to the EXE continue to be posted in the in-program updaters. If you were up to date on July 24, 2018, don’t get the ISO. If you do a BW10 reinstall after July 24, 2018 you should do it from the ISO, not old media.

    The links to the updated ISO file are on the webpage. The ISO file requires you have valid BW10 activation codes to run it. So, don't waste your time downloading it if you don't have legitimate activation codes.

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