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Since you mention DOS I will assume that you are running Windows. I just inserted my BW installation flash drive that I ordered just before BW closed. It is not write protected. I copied a file to it and was able to delete it. Do you have some security setup that invokes write protection for USB drives? Could you test the drive in a different computer to see if it works there? Did you discover the write protection by trial and error or did some message inform you of the problem?

I would try inserting a different USB drive into the computer and see if you could copy a file to it and then delete it.

You could try formatting the drive. If you plan to download the entire ISO to it, the drive cannot be formatted Fat of Fat32. The drive from BW was formatted Exfat. Minimum size for the drive is 32GB.

If worse comes to worse, I have used this drive from Amazon to download the ISO to. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MUWZ6J6 It is only $10 with Prime. It is not the fastest USB drive but works OK for storing the ISO download and occasional installation of BW.
Yes, I'm running Windows 10. The drive is protected. I tried to format it on my laptop and also on a mac, both unsuccessfully. Thanks for the Fat32/Exfat fact. When I get to the office on Monday I'll look at that to see if that is what my problem. Your other solution to get another usb drive is also something I was thinking about. I just wanted to know if anyone had success updating the USB drive. Thanks for your help. Kyle