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Thread: Browse Window problem!

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    Default Browse Window problem!


    I'm new to Bibleworks. I have a quick question. Somehow the "browse window" screen scrambles the text from OT/NT. Before I would have a non-mixed reading of any passage, but now EVERY word is justaposed with a strongs number. Does anyone know what i'm talking about? This makes it very hard to study the passage - whereas before I can just scroll over a word if I wanted to know the original language.

    Thank you.

    I've attached a paint jpeg file attachment (screenshot) so the admins can take a look at what I mean.

    Thank you,
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    At the bottom of the page, click on Strong's to toggle the Strong's numbers on and off. You may also place the cursor in the browse window itself and type "r"

    For a list of such keyboard shortcuts in the main menu click Help, BibleWorks Help Contents, Contents, 73 Shortcuts

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    Thank you so very much! You saved me a ton of time figuring this out. Glad there's a forum to ask people questions.


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