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    If the downloading of a large file fails repeatedly the solution is often to use a download manager. I used

    Download it and install it. Try downloading some files with it to confirm that it works for you. Then download the BW iso. If you still have problems, write out the steps you followed and post back. I would be glad to help more.

    Many of your other questions can be answered by searching, specifically

    I have a complete backup of my BW folder. That would be an essential element of recovering from a hard drive crash.

    On Windows 10 the iso file that you downloaded can be located in File Explorer. Double clicking it will create a new temporary drive that you can find in File Explorer. You double click the setup file on the new drive that you will find there and the installation will begin. The new drive will disappear when the computer is rebooted.

    Everything after beginning the installation should be familiar if you have installed and activated BW before.

    Again, post back if there are additional questions, giving the steps you took and what happened if something went wrong. Or asking for clarification if something isn't clear.
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