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Thread: Anyone want to give away there Bibleworks 10?

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    Lightbulb Anyone want to give away there Bibleworks 10?

    Now that the program has closed down - is there anyone out there not using there copy anyway that wants to give it away freely?

    I'm using the free theWord at this time modeled after the layout of Bibleworks, having many great tools - but I would like to see the Aramaic in Bibleworks, I'm not sure if it has anything in Ge'ez? But at least the Aramaic Peshitte old and new would be a nice tool to have to compare. And the Samarian text as well.

    In the future I would like to translate the Bible again into Danish without filthy copyright that locks you down for sharing - the Brethren shared everything and had all things in common.
    If there is help for the Latin that would be nice as well, just for a reference - I would like to tryout Bibleworks daily and see how it comply with my needs and how it fills them.

    Anyway - as I don't really know what do now... as the program was just cut down and saying it is not needed anymore... How is the most valuable program of the 3 biggest bible programs on studying the Biblical text according to reviews now become obsolete and ready for chopping down so suddenly?

    I don't get it - I really don't.

    In any case - if anyone wants to give away there legal copy of the program who does not use it anymore - at least I could try it out and get the feeling of it to see if it is worthwhile.
    The other alternative would probably be looking at Accordance but I did not really like the Tryout as it felt like Mac and it had issues and clipping of the text - but if Bibleworks serves my need I rather would use that as the layout is much more to my likeness.

    Again, I'm really disappointed that Bibleworks has closed down - building a great building and just pulling it down like the 3 skyscrapers on 911. Was there any Jesuits involved?

    Todah Rabah and Jehovah bless

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    Default Charity begets charity

    I was with you until your closing sentence, "Was..."
    One may want to consider how to deserve charity from others.

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    Question Well...

    I may be at fault here, but the frustration about them closing down still sits in me.
    Just thrown it up all in the air and the pieces flies everywhere, made a mess in my brain.

    You know reading about reviews on the 3 most popular bible programs to find out which one would fit, trying to learn different tongues and letters and then in the meanwhile the program you have your eyes on just closes down out of nowhere.

    Maybe I set my hopes to high for charity - the idea of it all if possible or if capable at some point and with the help from concordance tools was to make a new Danish translation which would be free for all. I also only know of only one "Neutral" Danish Bible that inserted the name of Jehovah, which is pretty old now, translated by a Jew that became a Christian. There is another but that is from the Jehovah's witnesses and they have tried to write out the Divinity of Jesus Christ from there Bible version which is pretty dishonest thing to do.

    So... I have a plan at least, well, got disrupted with the closing of BibleWorks - and I'm like, what to do now. So if there is someone not using there Bibleworks 10 anyways - I would like to try it out.

    Now, Iv been looking back at the other 2 progams now surviving - and I just don't know anymore. Primary it is the Aramaic with concordance, the Latin with a concordance and Targums with some kind of readable in English so I can compare them all with the Hebrew and Greek and Death Sea Scrolls... It does not seem like anyone have much on Ge'ez, Accordance has some but only the text it seems and I can't read Ge'ez and I'm already struggling much with Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic and would like to just get a little feel of Latin as well.

    Sorry if I seem a little harsh. I have my issues that needs work. Just, also of all those lies that are out there - Liars everywhere it seems, I'm getting worn out.

    By the way I just found Josephus writings for free without any advertising - I found this gold nugget!
    "6. For all men, the just as well as the unjust, shall be brought before God the word: for to him hath the Father committed all judgment : and he, in order to fulfill the will of his Father, shall come as Judge, whom we call Christ."
    - Josephus first century Jewish historian

    By the way, the day of the Venerated Sun god, Sun-day - is the first day of the week and not the commanded written in stone day which Jehovah blessed and sanctified and set apart and rested in the beginning of time. Could the Shepherds leading the flocks please stand up for some truth and tell Jehovah's Sheep? And the New year according to Jehovah starts at Spring not Winter or Fall or whatever time.

    You might also look up the word Jesuit in a dictionary - and do a search on the Jesuit Oath and read it. And the Black so called Pope, the General of the Jesuits and his Jesuit Soldiers *Infiltrators, Liars, Deceivers, Murderers* who work at getting the world back under the control of the White so called *Blasphemies title* Holy Father in Rome. Have the Shepherds no voice to stand for truth or have they all become Wolfs speaking deception?

    Truth offend Demons - they get all heated up to distract you from the truth and back into there deceptions. Take care!
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