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Thread: 67 Compiling Version Databases, HELP

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    Post 67 Compiling Version Databases, HELP

    Option Kursivschrift in: HILFE, Kompilieren von Versionsdatenbanken,
    Kursiv gedruckte Wörter im Bibeltext sollten von eckigen Klammern [] umgeben sein. Die Anzeige von eckigen Klammern ([ und ]) kann durch Eingabe von Doppelklammern beibehalten werden.

    Option Italics in: HELP, compiling version databases,
    Words in italics in Bible text should be surrounded by square brackets []. The display of square brackets ([ and ) can be retained by entering double brackets.

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    Hi Paul,

    If you use [ and ] around a word, and select the box to use Italics, then the word between the brackets will be italicized.

    If you include italics, and select the box to use Italics, but the version includes square brackets for some purpose (such as supplied words, etc.), then you should use [[ and ]] to indicate that these words should not be italicized, but should display a single bracket.

    For example, the following verse, with the use Italics box checked:

    Gen 1:1 In the [beginning] God [[created]] the heavens and the earth.

    "beginning" would be italicized, and "created" would appear in brackets as [created]

    Glenn Weaver

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