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Thread: Command Line Assistant Layout Issues

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    Default Command Line Assistant Layout Issues

    Another minor issue with the layout of a screen. This on is the 'Command Line Assistant'. See below. This time it seems that the issue exists even when scaling is set to 100%. I am running the app in Windows 10 on a Mac using Parallels.

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    Hi David,

    Rather than using the Command Line Assistant, I suggest consulting the Command Line Examples Help file page. You can access it easily through right-clicking while in the Command Line, and selecting the first item on the list. You will become more knowledgeable about BibleWorks and searching in this way. It will be faster and more powerful than using the Command Line Assistant. (I also doubt that fixing the Command Line Assistant will be a high priority, as very few people will even know that it exists. It really is an outdated feature, and is kept for the few that used it in much older versions of BibleWorks.)

    Glenn Weaver

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    You know, in all my years of using BibleWorks I never remember knowing there was a Command Line Assistant! I can actually imagine a few occasions in which it might be useful. On my older display, it shows up with no problems. But I certainly agree, this is not likely to be a priority fix under the circumstances.
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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