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    Post BibleWorks Resale

    For those who missed the June 15, 2018 deadline to purchase BibleWorks, this thread may be helpful.
    If there are BibleWorks users who no longer need BibleWorks (perhaps due to retirement?), I invite you to advertise the availability of your copy of BW on this thread, so that some one else may benefit from its use.

    But my copies have all sold.
    I personally purchased a few thousand dollars' worth of BibleWorks before the deadline, in order to make them available to those who may have missed the deadline, but still wish to purchase BibleWorks. I hoped that this might help out a few people until, God willing, some store or school is authorized to resume selling BW10. This has not yet happened, but I keep praying.
    I offered the following for re-sale at cost, plus sales tax (6.25 % which I am required to pay to my state) plus mailing (for USB drives).
    BibleWorks 10 on USB drive ($211.44 + mailing [either first class or priority mail]) all gone (I originally had 24 copies)
    As of July 29, 2018, I had a waiting list. That list grew to over twice the number of original copies. (Plus I had many inquiries from outside the U.S.A. but they could not find a way to get dollars to me.)
    1 BibleWorks 10 download ($211.44) quickly gone
    2 BDAG and HALOT combination activation codes ($225.25) all gone

    Sorry I couldn't provide more, but I far underestimated how many I could sell how quickly.

    I still have some upgrade activation codes from BW9 available. If you had BW9 and can purchase a copy of BW10 from someone else, let me know if you need an upgrade code, because I have one for you.
    If you have any questions about this, you may contact me via e-mail at my name (without a space) at

    May God bless our use of this tool to teach His word, and especially to proclaim the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    Mark Eddy
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