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For all I know you are referring to me. I would be happy to send BibleWorks around the world, so that more people can study God's word. The only reason I ended up limiting sales to U.S. residents is that I had great difficulty receiving wire transfers from outside the U.S. My bank gave only a 24-hour window to receive money. I had to fill out a form and send it to the prospective buyer many times zones away. Then that person had to get to his bank before it closed in order to wire money to me. They usually gave up after a number unsuccessful attempts. We who have offered BibleWorks for sale through this thread are not retailers. We cannot deal with currency exchanges. There are also customs forms to fill out at the post office. I charged nothing for the time I spend jumping through hoops trying to get BibleWorks out to people who would use it. I was not engaging in favoritism for any type of person or against any.
I continue to ask people to pray that some entity who knows how to deal with these things will step up to the plate and take on the red tape necessary to resume selling BibleWorks to Bible students, while also compensating the copyright holders of materials in BibleWorks.
Mark Eddy
Hi Mark,
Do you happen to have anymore copies of Version 10 available?