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Thread: Buy/Sell BibleWorks licensed copies

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    Default BDF Greek Grammar Module for Sale

    Looks like folks have also posted individual modules for sale here, so provided that's okay to do (and assuming transfer is as easy as I think it is--just send the activation code?), I have the BDF Greek Grammar I'm willing to sell. Purchased at $55; selling for $40. Payment via PayPal okay. I'm at [my BibleWorks forum user name] [at] [Google's email suffix]

    (Full title: Greek Grammar of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, by Blass, Debrunner, and Funk.)
    Abram K-J
    Pastor, Youth Ministry Consultant, Writer, Blogger
    Blog: Words on the Word

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    Default Looking for BW10 to buy

    I'm looking for BW10 to buy. We need it for translating the Holy Scripture.
    If anyone has a copy that can be sold, please don't hesitate selling it to me.
    Thank you very much!
    Fr. Kirill (Taiwan)

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    Exclamation Looking for a legal copy of BibleWorks 10

    I'm still looking for a licensed copy of BibleWorks 10.
    Please contact me at: dragonar09.10 at gmail dot com
    You can also send me PM here.
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    Default Iso image

    Quote Originally Posted by mwdiers View Post
    If this is allowed, I can make the Bibleworks10Rev4 ISO image download available for anyone who needs it, and I will pay for the bandwidth.
    Is this ISO image still available? How can I go to work to download it? How big is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanniePretorius View Post
    Is this ISO image still available? How can I go to work to download it? How big is it?
    All installations of BW10 after BibleWorks closed last year should be only made using the Rev6 ISO.This is the link:

    There is no point in downloading the link unless you have a BW10 activation code. You can check for additional details.
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