I just installed BW 8 on a new computer I just bought. While fiddling around with the fonts, I made some changes, including changes to Hebrew keyboards in the set-up of the Hebrew keyboard. Now whenever I type in the search window, BW seems to assume I have am not typing in English, and it types out gobbly-gook. If I hit ALT+SHIFT to go back to English, then the search window works fine. Does anyone know how I can get my typing back into a normal mode? An additional frustration is that once I type the gobblygook in BW, when I got to another program such as Firefox, anything I type will be in Hebrew -- in other words, whatever default is present in BW applies to other programs as well. Further, this problem happens with each search - even once I have switched to English and typed my search, my next search is gobblygook again, and I have to hit CNTL+ALT.
Ben Sommer (besommer@jtsa.edu)