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Thread: Just found out...what do I do?

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    Default Just found out...what do I do?

    I have BW 8 on an old nonfunctional computer. I don't have the disc but have my serial #'s. Now I found out that BW is gone and I can't get a disc to load and get my serial # to download all my files. What do I do? Any ideas?

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    There are 2 options I can think of:-

    1) Buy a new copy of BW10

    2) If I understand it right, the discs are not very important but the activation code is. I think, if you can get hold of the BW8 discs of someone else, you can still use those along with your own activation codes to activate it anew.

    Additionally, even your PC is non functional, I think you can still remove the harddrive and connect it to a new working PC. There is a good chance it will be detected and you can read/copy the BW folder which will allow you to reinstall it to the previous state.

    Be sure to check the FAQ and see if additional info is relevant to your case.

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