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Thread: Is it possible to update from 9 to 10 without uninstalling 9?

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    Default Is it possible to update from 9 to 10 without uninstalling 9?

    I'm about to upgrade. The instructions recommend uninstalling 9 first. I'm hesitant to do this because if anything goes wrong with the installation then I don't have a working BW that's needed daily for work. Is it possible to still leave the BW0 installation in place, and if so, are there any steps to keep it from interfering with the BW10 installation? I'm on OSX 10.12.6 Sierra, and am not using a VM.
    Duncan Forbes
    New Life Church, Roehampton, London

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    I am not familiar with your operating system, but when I did beta testing for various editions of BibleWorks (Windows XP & 7), I always left the old version of BibleWorks on my computer (to display for Bible class, yet not reveal the new version) and I installed the new version as well (for beta testing). The only annoiance comes when you switch between the two versions, because there are some files shared by both, and so every time you open the opposite version you are prompted to OK changes in those files.
    But you really do not have to worry about uninstalling the old version first, since that is the preferred way of installing the upgrade. Uninstalling will leave any files you changed on your computer, so that you can migrate them into the upgrade version. Besides, if there should be any problem installing BW10 (which I doubt, as long as you have enough hard drive room), if you have the installation software for your old version, you can always re-install that. But I'm pretty sure you won't have to do that.
    Mark Eddy

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    Yes, you can install the upgrade without removing the previous version first!

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