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Thread: USB Install media: "exfat" and Linux/Ubuntu

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    Default USB Install media: "exfat" and Linux/Ubuntu

    This isn't in the forum already, so perhaps it's common knowledge, but....

    I just received my BWks 10 on USB, but for years I have been (happily) running BWks under Ubuntu (and I don't have a Windows machine at all). When I plugged the USB into my Ubuntu 18.04 system ... it wouldn't mount, with an "unrecognized" error for the "exfat" file system.

    It turns out there is a simple fix for this, which I found on AskUbuntu. All one needs to do is open a terminal and run:

    sudo apt install exfat-fuse exfat-utils
    and you're good to go. Hope that helps someone else!

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    Thank you for posting that info, Dave! I'm actually surprised this isn't included in Linux. EXFAT is the best format for use across Windows, Mac, and Linux. It works for all 3, and accepts files larger than 4gb. (Fat32 is a pretty universal format, too, but it won't work for files over 4gb.)

    Glenn Weaver

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