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Thread: Google Server Overwhelmed

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    Just an FYI that I tried to download the current ISO from the Google location and received an error message that there had been too many downloads in the last 24 hours and to check with the site administrator.

    Shall I assume it is just best to wait until July to download an ISO when all patches have been applied to BW 10?

    Like so many others I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to the BibleWorks team for providing so many people with such a wonderful product. God bless you all!

    Bill H

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    Default Google overload

    Sorry about this. The number of orders resulting from the closure notice is gratifying. It will help tremendously with the cost of shutting down. But the company at every level is overwhemed. I'll report this to Michael Tan and hopefully he can open another channel for the downloads. I am afraid this is going to be a problem in July as well and it will take a while to settle down. But the ISO posted in July will be up more or less permanently.


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    Please also post the MD5 or SHA1 of the ISO
    God bless,

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