I know you have been swamped...I know! If you didn't make such a good product, with a great reputation, you wouldn't have this problem, ya' know?!?

Anyway, after I sensed the overwhelming response to the apocalyptic news, I emailed customer support to see if I could change my media distribution order to a download so I could get the program faster and see what modules I might want to purchase. Yesterday (Saturday!) I got the response and was able to download. It took from 4 PM yesterday to about 2:15 PM today (sloooooooowwwww internet where I live--my WiFi hotspot on my iPhone was faster!). I'm so thankful to get in on BW10 before it went away.

Thanks for the response. I'm sorry to see it come to an end, but I see from all the threads that you are committed to your BW family, and that the BW family of users is committed to each other. So, although BW closes, it still has life.

All that to say...I'm depending on you guys to help this newbie learn this awesome program!

Thanks BW staff!