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    Default x64 BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer Beta

    Hello, Friends!

    We have a long-awaited x64 beta version of the BibleWorks 10 Mac Installer. If you have a BibleWorks 10 license, you are welcome to try it. You can download it here:

    Have fun!

    6/11/2018 Edited to add the following:

    I should have given more details on this. I'll add more as it comes to mind, but for now here are a few tips:

    1. This dmg is large compared to the smaller x86 (32-bit) dmg installers. This is because we made the x64 installer to avoid needing the Installshield step. When you open the dmg and copy BibleWorks into your Applications folder, it sets up an installed copy of BibleWorks.
    2. You will need valid activation codes for BibleWorks 10 (and your modules). When you run this x64 version of BibleWorks the first time, it will request that you type/paste in the codes.
    3. The x64 installation is already fully patched. You don't need to apply any of the updates (except for the current EXE update). You can ignore the other database updates. We'll be cleaning that up over the next few weeks.
    4. There are only a few, minor areas where the x64 is not identical to the x86 version.
    5. If you need to change the x64 installation (e.g. add manuscript images), insert your BW10 USB media (or mount your BW10 ISO file), and then select from the main menu BibleWorks | Add or remove BibleWorks content. This will start the Installshield interface and let you add/remove components to your current installation.
    6. If you have an older version of the BW10 USB drives or downloaded ISO (e.g. rev1, rev. 2, rev. 3), some of the free databases we released after the initial release are only available in a newer rev (or via the x86 program updates). The final rev released in July will contain all of these databases. Until then, you can copy them from an x86 (normal 32-bit) installation (from the BibleWorks 10/databases folder).
    7. Things to avoid in the x64 beta:

    • Don't change the default font sizes in Tools | Options | Fonts
    • The View | Zoom options do work.

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    I am assuming we can go back to the stable installer if we want to by running the stable installer and replacing the beta, is this an accurate assumption? Not wanting to trash BW on my Mac at this juncture.

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    Default Warning...

    I downloaded and am installing the 64bit beta Mac installer. First of all for those trying this it is 4.41 gigs installing to the application folder. It has taken about 20 minutes to install which is much slower that the 32bit version.

    Please note that you will need to enter all your activation codes.

    Your settings will all be gone and you will need to replicate them

    You will then be provided a long list of updates to resources going back to 2015. Once downloaded, some of them do not install due to an error.

    All WordSearch titles need to be reinstalled.

    This should have been made clear before posting the beta, so I am posting what should have been posted before you make the decision to join the beta.

    I know they are busy, but this is not good!
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    Default More Warnings

    I ran a few activations for resources, since it was difficult to tell what codes are for what resources and what I owned.

    After doing so, the program failed with an error message that it may be due the installer.

    I still have the 64bit files on my computer in the event there is a fix for the locked up BW10 on 64bit installer.
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    The good news is that I was able to reinstall the most recent 32bit installer and all was back to normal. I probably have trash on my drive from the 64bit install, but will deal with that later.

    I think the conversion to 64 bit in the final version needs not be a brand new install, but utilize user setup.

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    Default A few other tips if you run this beta

    I delete the two ini files and reran the installer and the program came up.

    1. I chose NOT to replace the application when the installer came up so I can run both versions.
    2. Do not mess with Fonts unless you want to delete the ini to get the program to run again.
    3. Looks like the installer thinks I have resources that I did not purchase such as the ESV Study Bible and some Apparatus. Not sure how to remove them. I did remove them from the Resource Pane.
    4. Manuscripts not working.
    5. Runs reasonably well with the above caveats.

    Will continue to report.
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