I know BW is closing. I really love some features that BW has. I give my sincere appreciation here! I'm also thankful that compatibility will continue to be maintained so that we may continue to use the program!

I have two questions:
1. Will the database continue to be updated? For instance, if the BHS database is updated, will BW update the module? This will affect search results. So it is a crucial question.
2. Will the bugs (if there are) of the current version (BW10) be fixed?

It seems to me there is a bug in the Popup Verse Copy Window. Exporting the NT (NA28) text is good. But Exporting the Hebrew text (WTT) is problematic.

For instance, exporting Mat 1 will export Matthew chapter 1, but exporting Gen 1 will export only Gen 1:1.
Exporting Mat 1-2 will export Matthew chs. 1-2, but exporting Gen 1-2 will export only Gen 1:1-2.