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Thread: June 15 is getting closer...

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    Default June 15 is getting closer...

    I know the BW staff is swamped. I'm thankful they are doing their best to help us all and to assist new users like me.

    Perhaps this has already been answered in another thread. If I understand it correctly, I have to license my copy of BW10 by June 15. I still don't have my copy and I completely understand why it is slow in coming. However, if I don't have it by June 15, how can I license it?

    Here's another kicker. I'm leaving for the SBC annual meeting on Monday and coming back Tuesday night. I'm leaving for camp in Glorieta on Wednsday and won't be back until the following Tuesday night. If I receive my copy of BW 10 while I'm gone and can't install before June 15, how can I license my copy?

    Hopefully some of you fine folks will be able to help me here. Thanks for you patience with a newbie.

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    The key item is that you have placed your order before June 15. You will receive your activation code when the order is processed. People who have ordered a flashdrive may not receive them by June 15, but that isn't a problem. The activation code is the main item. You MUST KEEP THE ACTIVATION CODE. May backup copies of it. If you lose this code, you will have no means of obtaining another one.

    Glenn Weaver

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