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Thread: BW10 in Wine or Crossover on Linux

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    Paul G,
    This is a great set of instructions. I will have to give it a try on my home machine which is on Fedora and my Church office laptop which is running Ubuntu MATE. From what you describe in your instructions, I don't think it will matter what Desktop Environment someone is using.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevedaley View Post
    Thanks, Glen, for jumping into this thread with your experiences xender discord omegle in Wine and Crossover. I will try an install on Ubuntu 18.04 soon. That should have more up to date packages of Wine. Hopefully, I will be able to view the CHM files, that would be a huge improvement. I'm kind of glad to hear that you have toolbar issues too. I also can get the menubar to display by using the ALT key. It sounds like we have the same issues. I hope that either Wine improves or an easy tweak can be done to get BW10 to work well with Wine on Linux because I also believe that I can keep a computer running Linux longer than I can depend on Windows for the future. If the Lord gives me 20 more years of ministry, I hope to be able to use BW10 during them.
    1. Some resources don't display like Wallace Grammer and others that use the chm viewer. Dictionaries like Holladay open and display fine in their separate windows, so I'm guess it has to do with the chm viewer looking for something installed on every Windows system. Is there a workaround for Wine?
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