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Thread: Installing via Download instead of Physical Media

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    Many thanks! Glenn.


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    Default Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn Weaver View Post
    Hi Fr. Hogg,

    Here is a link to the download instructions for the Mac operating system. The link comes from the BibleWorks FAQ pages.

    As to your second question, I really can't answer that, as I was not involved in the price decision. I can say, however, that the owner, Mike Bushell, is a very generous man. Rather than just closing the company without advanced notice, he chose to give BibleWorks users a final opportunity to purchase the software at the lowest price every offered. The single price really simplifies the ordering process for everyone. His goal of keeping the program running in the future is his gracious offer, one that I have never heard from any other company. Even the old price for BW9 upgrades would have been $189, so no one is being cheated here. You will like BW10 better on your Mac than BW9. It just works better. But if you are going to order, you will have to do so before Friday June 15. After that it will be too late!

    Thanks for your help here, Glenn. I am very grateful for how BW has functioned for me, and for all the add-ons provided by users too. If nothing else, the cost issue will make me look at the parable of the vineyard with a little more sympathy. :-)

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    Default Why the price difference?

    Quote Originally Posted by stoic01 View Post
    1. The download instructions on this thread are for Windows machines. Are there instructions for Mac downloads? I sent an email last week, and now there's a huge backlog slowing responses. I'm a little reluctant to pay $199 if I'm not certain I can make it work.
    2. I am grateful for all that the BW folks have done over the years, but I must note I find it a little perplexing that the same updating price applies no matter how long ago you last updated. Is there any explanation for the thinking behind this policy? (I feel a little like those who labored since the first hour in the parable).
    Thanks in advance for any responses, especially to q1!

    Fr. Gregory Hogg

    If it were possible, I would give the program away but we cannot afford to do that. The price was set at a point where we would not lose money. It was set to be the same for everyone to simplify things for the remaining staff and for users. If we had chosen to set a different price depending on whether it was a new purchase or an upgrade, many people would pay more and no one would pay less. We can't go lower than this price. The price is remarkable given how much is in the package and the fact that it took 75 man years to get the program where it is, to say nothing of all the data. This is our gift to the church as a way of saying thanks for 25 wonderful years. The program will be, D. V., enriching Bible study for a long time to come.


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    Amen and amen!
    David Rensberger
    Atlanta, Georgia

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