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Thread: BibleWorks 10.0 on ChromeOS

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    Default BibleWorks 10.0 on ChromeOS

    Just an FYI for those interested. This is not a supported environment for Bibleworks but I wanted to share it.

    Please remove this post if I should not being posting this here.

    I use chromebooks a lot and for a while was booting developer mode to run BibleWorks. Codeweavers created CrossOver to run windows apps on ChromeOS. I am running BibleWorks 10 (not everything installed) on an ASUS C302 Chromebook. I am working with CodeWeavers to publish an official BibleWorks 10 install profile (they have BW 9 currently).


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    That's very good to know. Thanks!

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    Actually, I'm hoping that this can be a direction that BW10 could pursue. I got BW10 installed tonight on Debian Linux 9.4 which should be supported for at least another year or two, and future versions of Debian Linux will not be radically different than the current version. I would think if BW10 can run well under Wine (Crossover being the commercial version of Wine) this might be a much more stable version less prone to changes made in the Windows operating system.

    I wasn't using Crossover tonight, but PlayonLinux which is basically a GUI interface to make working with Wine easier. This install went okay, and the first run went fine too, but when I started it a second and third time, I don't have any images for any of the toolbars. I'm not sure how to fix that.

    If you are able to get all of BW10 features to work under Crossover, I will pay the extra to get Crossover to run BW10. I hope we can get BW10 running well under Wine/Crossover.

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