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Thread: Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the blessings of Bibleworks !

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    Default Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the blessings of Bibleworks !

    It is and was the best Tool for a clever research of the Word of God, and I think, I know what I say, as I know more or less all other Software. I have used it almost since their beginning, almost daily and sometimes many hours, with discussions with friends and so far. And one is able to do a lot of assistance for brethren and the assembly of the living God with BW. In my eyes the reason for closing down could be (just a thought, could be wrong), that BW is a profi tool for folks with much more need for in depth studies than other software users (but not to blame others using other software for certain reasons of course), and this group is getting less and less, as the interest in the Word of God is getting less and less. So probably, even if it is the best tool, the dear folks are no longer able to serve us. But thanks goes to the Lord Jesus, having provided such a clever and powerful tool, I can still do what I need with it, and I will not come to an end until the Lord comes, I will continue to use it maybe almost daily as I have done since I first met this tool - is it 20 years? Thanks for all the help and good things and the blessings and the help of the officials and users. I did not know that I could get so emotional towards a software tool, but to say bye is hard and it is a bad day for me. Expected the next update and got informed that it is the end. But the blessings cannot be taken away. All the best for you clever folks - never understood how you did it all, I only can explain this clever tool with much help of your redeemer Jesus Christ and love of the folks towards his word. Bye bye! Peter

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    Amen! The Holy Spirit has used Bibleworks constantly to make me a stronger pastor and disciple of Jesus Christ.

    For ten plus years Bibleworks has been my constant companion - it is always open in the background if my computer is on.

    Thanks again to all the Bibleworks team for their labours of love for the Lord. Please forgive us for not telling you more often how much your software meant to us and how much it was helping us grow in grace.

    In Christ,

    Joel Radford
    Drummoyne Baptist
    Sydney, Australia

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    Default Amen!

    Thanks Joel!

    I feel the same way. Perhaps the Lord will direct Mike et al. to refocus and do it again!


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    Dear Michael and BW Staff,

    I am one of the many who are indebted to you, and I am deeply grateful to God for your God-honoring ministry.

    Since my seminary days in 1990’s, I have been a regular user of BW. I had become sufficiently proficient with BW that my Old Testament professor asked me to give a demonstration in class.

    Now I am serving as a full-time pastor in a small urban church, and I mention my ministry setting because BW’s reasonable pricing has definitely made a difference in my ability to afford such an advanced tool.

    BW has been my daily companion for the past few decades. Except for Sundays (because I’m busy with other things), I have been using BW literally every day to search for patterns, to read Hebrew and Greek texts, and to look up lexicons and other references.

    I recognize the temporal nature of all our work. But I do pray that the Lord would raise up the right people and resurrect BW in a new form for the coming generations of disciples. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you put your confidence in Him!

    In the service of Christ,

    --James Kang

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    I would like to add my note of deep gratitude for the BibleWorks program, both personally and professionally. I have used other Bible programs through the years, most recently Olive Tree (mainly because of the mobile app). I originally purchased BibleWorks years ago for the in-depth language capabilities. But over time, it became my main program for doing Bible study, sermon prep, and developing meaningful worship services. In short, I can move faster in BibleWorks, and it pretty much does what I need. I know other programs have more add-on modules, and that's fine. Olive Tree has been helpful here. But I can't see changing to another platform, at least not at this time. For me, BibleWorks seems to have a rare combination of power and ease of use. It is hard to estimate how much time this program has saved me through the years. I really like using it.

    If BW10 proves to be the last version of this software, I don't believe that it would hurt it at all. Before the announcement at the end of May, I was wondering what more could be done to make this program better. Bigger tabs in the search window? Cloud-based notes for those of us with BW on more that one computer (I work at the church and at home)? Beyond that, I can't think of anything. I feel the program is great just like it is.

    So, thank you all at BibleWorks for what you have given the church, and thanks for the continued support. Perhaps something can be put in place for those of us who are willing and able to aid with the financial burden of support, website, server, etc.

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    Amen! Bibleworks has been my constant companion!
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    I have mentioned it in another thread and will say it again here to express my gratitude to BW.

    I first came to into contact with BW while in seminary in early 1990's. I saw my Hebrew Exegesis team partner having this wonderful software (which was still unknown to me at that time) working wonders in his laptop. I could not afford much and so did not further investigate. By the time of 2000, I could afford BW and bought version 4. It immediately enriched and continues to enrich my study of the Bible. Even without the need to prepare a sermon, I use it on a daily basis, for my personal Bible study and daily devotion. BW4 did not have any Chinese Bible and so I took the time to follow the procedures to create a database of the Chinese Union version and successfully compiled and installed it to BW4. That was a day to rejoice.

    By 2004, I upgraded to BW6 and then later upgraded to BW9, which I have been using for a number of years. I am a Bible text-oriented pastor and BW fits precisely my needs and preferences. I planned to upgrade to BW11 by the end of this year to coincide with my move from Windows 7 to 10. Then, this totally unexpected news came. All good things come from the LORD and BW has been a blessing. I have bought a copy of BW10 in preparation for my complete PC upgrade later this year.

    May our Lord bless Mike and the entire staff for their faithful work all these years and in the years to come!

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    Default Thanks so much.

    I dropped out of the forums until just recently, but I have been a Bibleworks user since "Bibleworks for Windows" when Windows was either Windows 95 or Windows 3.1, I don't really remember. I have always known that when I had a question about the Bible that Bibleworks would be the way I would be able find a definite answer. The most recent improvements in version 10 have been wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed, and especially to Michael Bushel, and Michael Tan. Thank you so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlmaxyz View Post
    Cloud-based notes for those of us with BW on more that one computer (I work at the church and at home)?
    I know this is a thanks thread, and I too give thanks for BW10 which helped me with my sermon prep this past week once again and will help with next Sunday too. But I had to offer a solution for this issue.

    I do this with a free Dropbox account, but it could easily be done with your free Windows Onedrive account too.
    1. I created a folder in my "Dropbox" folder called "Bibleworks" using the Windows File Explorer.
    2. I start BW10 and display the Notes tab.
    3. I clicked on the "Choose Notes Dir" button on the notes editor toolbar. (In order to see this button you have to have all of the toolbar buttons exposed, and it is the one next to the "print" button.) Once that dialog opens you can choose the "Bibleworks" folder that you created as the notes directory.
    4. Now, whenever you create a new note it will create it in that directory, which will automatically sync it to the cloud and back to your home or work pc the next time your other pc syncs.
    5. If you already have a lot of notes in your default Bibleworks notes directory, navigate to that folder using Windows File Explorer and copy the contents of your default notes directory to your new folder before you open Bibleworks and change the default directory.

    This works great because I do the same with Bibleworks installed on my church office computer and also installed on my main home pc. Unless you store a lot of images in your verse or chapter notes files these files are super small and you should never need more than the free Dropbox or Onedrive account.

    One minor issue I have run into occurs if I leave Bibleworks open on my church computer, then go home and work on my text study on my home computer, and end my study on the home computer with the same verse note file open at home as the one that is open on my church computer. Dropbox will become confused as to which file is the newest, but it is smart enough to create a "conflict" file which is often the larger file from the home computer with more notes. I use Windows File Explorer to delete the smaller file and rename the larger file so BW10 uses the file with the most notes. An easy solution to avoid "conflict" files is to simply shutdown BW10 before I leave for church or home.

    I use this same method for the UserLex tab notes as well.

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    Default Thanks

    Hey Steve,

    Thank you for the information. I'm going to be really busy through the middle of July, but when I get a chance, I'll give your instructions a try. This hasn't been a huge issue with me, as I do most of my work in the office, and that is just across the road from the parsonage. But it would be nice if I could sync my computers. I'm open for any help I can get.

    I hope in all of this that the intent of my original post is not lost, that I feel that BW10 is a fairly complete package, and I'm grateful to have it. If there are never any more significant upgrades to it, I don't believe that will hurt. My biggest concern is for those who come after us, especially the next generation of seminarians. I believe that BW has a place in the church, and I pray that it will continue to be available. In light of what I have read, I believe that Mr. Bushell will keep things going, so I'm not worried about me. As I am in my early 60's, I don't see me going without. I just know what the program has been for me, and I hope that others will get the chance to utilize it well into the future.

    But, once again, thanks for sharing the info. It's stuff like this that will help keep things going. Perhaps this should be put on a separate thread so that others can find it more easily.

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