I know I'm as sad and crushed by the latest BibleWorks news as any one and I know there's a lot of discussion going on regarding it and that's all well and good.

But separate from all that, I also want to give a place where, apart from prognostications, diagnoses, questions, complaints, etc., I can simply express gratitude and give thanks to God.

It's been a blessing to have the opportunity to learn and use BibleWorks (and continue to use it for as long as possible) to study God's Word both as a regular individual, but also and especially as a pastor who has benefited personally in being able to quickly and affordably use these resources to help bring God's Word to others.

But rather than thanking BibleWorks (which is just a piece of software), I am thankful to God for the people who have made it to be what it is to me. To Mike Bushell and Michael Tan, whom I've had the chance to exchange countless emails with over the years as a normal user, a "super" user, and then also as a beta-tester. You have both been very kind and understanding in dealing with requests, suggestions, and complaints. From the top of the company you've expressed not just your technical expertise but a love of God, His Word and His work that is truly humbling. You really have embodied the ministry mission in every way that I've interacted with you.

And I am thankful for the many others who work in less visible ways to me, but who have also shared this mission. I feel bad naming names because I know I'll end up forgetting people. Jim Barr and Glenn Weaver are the two individuals that come to mind, but I know there have been more.

And I'm also thankful for the community of users who have gathered here and have helped contribute to the unofficial BibleWorks blog over the years. You are all a big part of why BibleWorks has always been for me the only option in Bible software.

There's much more that can be said, but I don't want that "thank you" to get lost. I am grateful for you. I have been blessed because of you.

And God's blessings to you all in wherever the Lord is leading you next.