I don't want to be melodramatic, but on this level, this is absolutely devastating to me.

I have recommended BibleWorks to literally thousands of people. I have given it to pastors. I tell every pastor that the one program he must get is BibleWorks. Then Logos, if he can. But start with BW. I can't imagine how many have taken my advice.

Nothing does what BW does, to my knowledge.

I cannot exaggerate, and you cannot imagine, the IMMENSE INVESTMENT of labor and thought and research I have in BW. I've put everything there countless hours of research, of findings; of notes from journal articles, commentaries, authorities, resources, web pages, sermons charts, graphics. Personal insights. Outlines. There are thousands of individual-verse notes (some of them HUGE files), User Lexicon entries.

I'm 62. I planned to "will" my files to a younger man as my legacy. I can't exaggerate what a goldmine are in those notes.

I assumed there was a contract between BW and us, in effect. We invested unreservedly and trustingly in their software, it'd always be there for us.

This is...I'm starting the daily devotional routine I've done for years and years, and it's BibleWorks. Has been for years. I don't even have a main hard-copy Bible I read; I read BibleWorks, because it holds ALL my notes.

I just...this is horrendous news. Horrendous.