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Thread: What if you don't know the original languages?

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    Default What if you don't know the original languages?

    I have a Libronix program right now, but would like to be able to get more into the original languages. I have never studied them, however. Is BW a good program to purchase if you don't know Greek or Hebrew?

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    Thumbs up Yes ... and No!

    In Australia, there is a current speech habit of saying "Yeah, no"

    I'm not usually up with the trends, as I've only just discovered "bling, bling" and I believe it is already 5 years old.

    Yes, BibleWorks is very user friendly and has lots of different modes to assist the newchum.

    And it has a comprehensive manual and terrific help menus and ...
    this terrific forum!

    But ... you can fool yourself into thinking you know the language because you know how to put your cursor over an English word and get the Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek word!

    If the program had been around when I went to college [then again, you'd have to have had a computer to run it, I spose!] I think it would have been a help and a hindrance, because you can't beat struggling through your KAINE DIATHEKE [Greek New Testament] without helps!

    I bought my first PC in 1995 to use BibleWorks and it has continued to always beat my expectations.

    Terrific program, highly recommended.

    David McKay

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    Hey Gontroppo,

    I too am a user of Logos. My library is about 600 books, and I too really don't know the biblical languages *hebrew, greek* i just finished my first year greek last quarter in seminary. However, i have loved using bibleworks, in fact for most of what i do its what i use. I use Logos for commentaries and dictionaries, however to just read the bible and get to know it better i use bibleworks.


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    Thanks, Alan and Dave. If I can forget I don't know the Biblical languages, that sounds just what I'm looking for!

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