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Thread: Open exported Greek file in text editor

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    Default Open exported Greek file in text editor


    I'm having an issue and was wondering if I can get some help.

    After exporting a Greek text using the "export database" tool, I try to open it in Sublime text editor, but all I get are characters like these:
    {\f2\fbidi \fmodern\fcharset0\fprq1{\*\panose 02070309020205020404}Courier New;}
    Export settings are set to Unicode and if I open the file with Word, it looks the way it should. But I'd rather not use Word, as it is really slow with such large files. I guess it has something to do with the encoding the editor is using when opening the file, but after changing it to almost every possible option without success, I gave up and came here to ask.

    Thank you.

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    BibleWorks does not use Unicode internally, so exporting in Unicode makes the exported file unusable within Bibleworks. If I want to use it in BibleWorks (for example, to re-compile it) or to edit it in Wordpad, I export as a .txt file. If you can say what you intend to do with the exported database, someone might be able to advise you on the best way to export it.
    Mark Eddy

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