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Thread: BW Update Keeps Failing

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    Default BW Update Keeps Failing

    Win 10 just installed a major revision on my computer. Afterwards, I had to allow Norton to take control of my computer to fix things on their end because the latest Win 10 update changed (apparently) a lot of major things. Now the latest BW update says it can't complete.

    A lot of people have been having to "fix" things from the latest Win 10 update, so BW might want to take a look into this.

    Here's the error message:

    "The error patch was not successfully installed error ept0025. Verify of new filed failed. Possible Internal Error. The file the updated (PATCH) built is not valid. Users should never see this message: Patch BibleWorks Executable ("
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    Update: 1420 EST

    Either BW fixed it, or the internet demons were interfering last time, because I just again tried to apply the patch and this time it worked.

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    I'm just now seeing this. My update did the exact same thing with Win 7. Wouldn't update after several attempts... same error message you got. Then, Wham o!, it worked. Have no idea why.

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