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Thread: Greek New Testament - RP 2018 (review)

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    Default Greek New Testament - RP 2018 (review)

    Dear friends,

    for some time "The Greek New Testament - Byzantine Textform / RP2018" has been available in bookstores (VTR, Nuremberg), soon, I hope, available for BibleWorks as well.
    I received a copy of it and wrote a review (online: or as Pdf attached to this contribution. Some
    features of this edition are addressed in the review: the text, differences from other editions, technical details, and a summary appraisal.

    Yours Peter Streitenberger, M.A. (Phil.)

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    I found both an English and a German review on ibiblio. But I've been also searching for copies of the revious editions of GNT here in the category University papers on Religion online. Are they available as PDFs?

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