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Thread: BW Clashes after search

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    Default BW Clashes after search

    After a search on all words (.*) on TAM module, BW crashes.
    Here is a screenshot of the error report.
    Name:  Screenshot 2018-04-24 07.13.01.png
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    I did the same search on WTM, it did not cause a crash.
    Can anyone help?

    Martin Zhang

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    The Windows version crashes as well in this case.
    Martin Zhang

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    Default My Workaround

    For what it's worth. It crashed on me when attempting to search under these conditions:

    1. Started with WCS as context
    2. Command line switched to the ESV
    3. Attempted '.submi*' search
    4. Crash
    5. Then, restarted BW 10.44
    6. Found that it was back to WCS
    7. Reset the search version to ESV
    8. Did a basic (no Fuzzy) search on the complete word '.submit'
    9. Returned expected results
    10. Then tried original search again of '.submi*'
    11. Returned expected results!

    I think there's a glitch where switching versions may be throwing it off. But once the version takes, it works fine for me.

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