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Thread: Problem after resizing BW window on Mac

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    Default Problem after resizing BW window on Mac

    On Mac (latest OS, latest BW installer), when I try to adjust the window size of BW, it then freezes. I have to restart. This has happened quite a few times.
    Here is a video after I resize the window.
    Anyone having the same problem?
    I'm using an external monitor. resizing window is a daily work...
    Martin Zhang

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    Default Nope, so ... bw1000.ini

    All's well with my install. My guess is BW will ask you to remove the bw1000.ini file from the BibleWorks folder and restart. It kills off any custom settings you have, but the good news is your instance of BW will likely start working again.

    See a sample folder location below:

    Name:  BWini.png
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