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Thread: Indexing a user-created DB with Strong's numbers

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    Default Indexing a user-created DB with Strong's numbers

    Hi all, I am compiling a custom translation of the OT in BW10, and now I want to manually index each word/phrase with its corresponding Strong's entry, so that the word data appears in the pop-up bubble and the analysis window when a word/phrase is hovered over (as is the case in the KJV, etc..). I notice what I think is an option to do this in the 'compile' dialogue box, so I assume it can be done.

    How would I go about achieving this?

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    I notice that no one has responded for some time, and that you have not posted saying that you got it to work, so here is what advice I can give.

    The Version Database Compiler window has a button in the lower right corner labelled "Help". If you click on this it will give you a fairly thorough explanation.

    It might be helpful to export a few verses of a version that uses tagging, to compare with what appears in the Browse Window.
    Main Menu / Tools / Importing/Exporting Information / Export Database
    Select your example version, and set the Range you want to export.
    Check "Export Notes and cross references" if you want examples of them.
    Click OK
    For "Save as type" select "CCAT Format (*.cat)", and Save.

    The .cat file is in .txt format, and you can change its suffix to .txt so as to not confuse your text editor. This file is a copy of the file that was compiled to create the exported version.

    Remember that the default Srong's info are different from the NAS Lexicon ones; for instance, default gives usage counts from KJV, NAS Lexicon gives usage counts from NAS.

    KJV and NKJ have Strong's codes, plus Wigram's Tense, Voice, Mood codes; CSB (in BW10) has only Strong's codes.

    I have never compiled a version with Strong's codes; but I assume that if you follow the example of an existing version it will work.


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