Rahlfs Septuagint (LXT, BGT and LXXRH, GLT) and A New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS, NETSX) present the problem of how to handle the situation where the print edition provides two texts for the same book.

NETS was translated from the Goettingen edition where available, otherwise from Rahlfs, so frequently the text being translated is different from LXT. Nevertheless, the ability to compare LXT and NETS is very useful.

When LXT provides alternate texts, it uses the standard book names for the one based on B (Vaticanus), uses a suffix of "a" for ones based on A (Aexandrinus), "t" for Theodotion, and "s" for the one based on Sinaiticus.

The print edition of NETS usually puts the translators preferred text on the left side of the page.
The BibleWorks edition of NETS/NETSX appears to give the left column of the printed edition the standard book name, the right column either has LXT's variant name, or is put into NETSX.
BW, in a footnote at the beginning of these books, does identify the source text, using NETS's terms.
I think BW's decision to assign the translator's preferred text the standard book name is understandable, but I wish they had stayed with LXT conventions to make LXT NETS comparisons easier.

When comparing NETS with LXT:
NETS Tbs is based on Vaticanus, and Nets Tob is based on Sinaiticus.
LXT Tbs is based on Sinaiticus, and LXT Tob is based on Vaticanus.
LXT Job corresponds to NETSX Job.
NETS Job omits the "Asterisked Materials" (this required filtering it out from the print edition).
LXT Jda = NETS Jdg
LXT Jos = NETS Jos
The other books that have non-standard names in LXT match those in NETS:
Sussana (TH) - Sut NETS and LXT agree
Daniel (TH) - Dat NETS and LXT agree
Bel (TH) - Bet NETS and LXT agree
Three books have addition material in NETSX not included in LXT.
Esther - Est
NETSX is the "Alpha" version
NETS is the "Old Greek" version
LXT is the "Old Greek" version, so NETS Est = LXT Est.
Sirach - Sir
NETSX Sir includes GKI and GKII (later proverbs usually included in footnotes in contemporary translations.)
LXT appears to not include these additions, so NETS Sir = LXT Sir.
NETSX Sir does not indicate the additions, one can only tell by using Text Comparision tool. Printed edition indicates additions by square brackets and italics.
Habbakkuk - Hab
Alternate text of Hab 3 (Codd. V lI-86-407)
LXT Hab 3 = NETS Hab 3.

I hope this is useful, and not too confusing.