I was responding to the "I hope that the inactivity of this thread does not mean there are no more Linux users." statement with my "Mac" statement. I joined this forum when I was trying to get BW to work on Linux/Ubuntu... thus my UserName "ubuntu_user". If you want to make BW work as designed, you are limited to the Win platform. The work-arounds are, at best, okay... but native is always best. Fortunately Apple, being a superior platform to Windows, allows usage of Virtual Machines... as well as dual boot. For Mac users, we can run any software available. This is a somewhat better work-around than BW on Linux. Mac usage has increased greatly as has Linux usage as a viable Desktop environment. Linux usage in the 3rd world has exploded and is the right fit for those with limited resources. I helped a non-profit organization get 2 desktops running with Ubuntu. They asked if they could use BW. Sadly, I had to say no since it was not native to Linux. The support and frustration was not worth the time. So you can see there is a need and a market to develop BW for Linux and Mac. Unfortunately, the company does not share my desires. I have seen Accordance. I don't feel the need to have more Bible software since there are many other free ones that run on Linux, Mac, as well as windows.
And ...Yes, windows can run VM's with the exception of the MAC OS (not vice versa).
Hope this helps.