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I am seriously considering moving my home PC (Win 95) to Linux. If it works, I will consider moving my office PC from Win 98 as a result of the report concerning BW running well with cxoffice.
What about a dual boot for those progams and just never update Windows?
Dual-boot is fine, unless the system is used to access the Internet. The trouble with a dual-boot system is that, when Window$ is running, all partitions of all drives are susceptible to attack. I now am reinstalling Linux on a former dual-boot system of a friend (a school teacher), who appears to have been attacked through the browser while filling in an employment application on the web site of a local school district, the application having been written so as to be accessible only with Internet Explorer. The attack corrupted the Linux system, which resides on a separate drive. Needless to say, my friend no longer shall be running a dual-boot system; rather, he shall be using an old spare machine for those increasingly-rare instances in which a regression to Window$ is mandatory.

Over the past decade, the Internet has been transformed from a tranquil, benign academic campus to a turbulent, dangerous ghetto. The Internet Explorer exploits of the past two weeks appear to be the beginning of the end for Internet Explorer; hopefully, also for Window$. Window$ is a monolithic system which cannot be made secure, apart from a total redesign.