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Thread: Issue with "hamburger" menu in Browse window using Surface Pro & mulitple monitors

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    Default Issue with "hamburger" menu in Browse window using Surface Pro & mulitple monitors

    I'm running BW 10 (clean install) on my Surface Pro 3. I have two ViewSonic monitors attached to the Surface for a total of three screens (including the Surface screen). When I display BW in one of the additional monitors and then click the hamburger menu on the Browse window, the menu displays back on the Surface screen, not on the monitor that is displaying BW10. Interestingly, it only does this for the Browse window hamburger menu; the Analysis and Search window hamburger menus display on the same monitor as BW10 displays.

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    I happened upon your post this morning. I have the exact same setup: Surface Pro3, two additional monitors. However, I do not have the problem with the hamburger menu showing up on the Surface Pro screen.

    A couple of questions for you. How are you connecting your monitors? Docking station? I'm using the original docking station that came out with the Surface Pro 3.

    Also, which monitor is your main display when your Surface Pro is docked / connected to the 2 monitors? I have set one of my larger monitors to be the main monitor, rather than my Surface.

    Don't know if this might point in the right direction or not, but I saw that no one had responded to your post.

    Alan Sommer
    Pastor, Light of the Hills Lutheran Church
    Cameron Park, California

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