Can someone please verify for me the source text of the OPG Greek text in BW10?

The version info lists as the source text:
Ezra [4ES] A. S. Hunt (ed.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri (vol. 7, London: Egypt Exploration Fund, 1910) 11-15.

This is not correct.
The actual Hunt volume is located here:
and it only includes 4Esdras 15:57-59 and this text is not even in OPG of 4ES in BW10.

BW10s actual Greek text for 4ES includes only the following texts:
4Esdras 5:35; 7:103; 8:23; 14:21-22.
There is nothing listed after 14:22 (as if 14:22 closes the document).
None of these is in the Hunt volume. Clearly each one of these is in Latin, and sometimes the text is very different (as in 14:21).

But at the moment, I cannot find an actual source text that stands behind BW10's OPG 4ES text.

I'm sure there is a simple answer to this that I'm missing.

I will appreciate help with this.
Gary D. Collier